Andrew Yang For President

Andrew Yang For President

I posted early in the  presidential political campaigning  season that Andrew Yang had gotten my attention.  He still has it!  More research to be done.  You do yours and feed me back via comments at the bottom of this post!

I think Andrew Yang deserves a close and very serious review by black people, in particular.  For me he is the only one in the hunt so-far, that has or can generate enough excitement in the future to steal the show from TRUMP!  

We need new tires on the political machine!  Retreads will not gets us there!

One thing I like about Andrew is he's a numbers guy.  That can be a cold blooded approach to governing and or leading.  But, if you are truly results oriented you must first be a numbers guy or girl.  The humanity  can come after all is well.  I submit that the achieved desired results will make you/us well.

As I said during the last presidential race, "No pain No gain".  You already know that although you may have applied the principle in a more trivial situation!

If you are truly a progressive you will stop doing the same ole thing hoping/praying for a different result.  Just ain't happening!

After finishing this post I will be making a small $10 donation to Andrew's campaign.  I view it as an investment towards my grandchildren's future!  

yang2020 website

Although I don't like it that Andrew has not taken nuclear sourced  power off the table, my small donation gives me a voice at his table.

As progressive Black people we should want Andrew Yang to know we are here  with positive, sensible input and encourage his thoughts towards us.  I truly think Andrew Yang is a smart person.  Smart people tend to naturally gravitate towards other smart people regardless of skin color. (hint, hint)

In parting I'll say, "you may not always get what you pay for, but,  you will always pay for what you get."  

Get more serious about your/our futures!  

The  blunt will be even more enjoyable.  Promise!

Peace!  And, a long life!