Donald John Trump Impeachment Trial

Donald John Trump Impeachment Trial

Day 1:  Democrat House Managers (Adam Schiff) argue Against Republican Impeachment Trial Plan.

Adam Schiff was masterful in his argument against Republican Impeachment Trial Plan.  

During his argument, Congressman Adam Shiff  laid out enough information, even if Republicans vote to prevent witnesses and documents from coming forth,  it  was presented.    Simply masterful on Rep Adam Shiff's part.

Republicans still trying to argue process, with no argument. Republican argument  during this phase of trial so-far is pitiful.

This phase to Democrats!

15 minute break:

back in session:

Democratic congressman Adam Schiff, House Manager,  argues in favor of amendment to subpoena white house documents.

Mr Schiff also impeached  Mr Dershowitz before Dershowitz has had a chance to spew his bullshit.  Again, masterful on Schiff's part.

Republican  Senate Leader Mitch McConnell was forced to adjust  a step  in trial process almost immediately after Congressman Adam Schiff's argument against Republican Impeachment Trial Plan, under pressure from Republican members.

Republican rebuttal  to Congressman Schiff was brief.  That says it all.