Web Services Portal

Web Services Portal
Photo by Greg Rakozy / Unsplash

Click this link to be taken to our Web Services portal.

There you will find the registration/login links for that portal.

You will also be able to peruse and/or purchase our listed web products and services offerings, i.e.,  domain names, web hosting plans, etc.  

Access to our site-wide knowledge base is located there also, where you can find helpful information relevant to both sides of the system, (Blog/Newsletter area and Web Services portal) .  Currently the knowledge base is empty.

Both areas of the platform require a separate registration and login.  

Signup/Registration is free, without obligation, in both areas.  

When done with your activities in either area, just logout.  

To return to the Blog/Newsletter side of the platform, when done with activities on the Web Services Portal re-enter the BlackSwann URL address, https://blackswann.net into your browser until we can figure out a smoother way to redirect back here.

To reach the Web Services Portal directly enter https://sw1,blackswann.net/clnts in your web browser from anywhere on the web.  This  bypasses the Blog/Newsletter area if you so choose.

As a note; you may choose to, or not to, use the same user name/password (credentials) in both areas of the platform, i.e, Blog/Newsletter and/or Web Services Portal.

Although I don't consider this area to be open yet, it is fully functional.  Domain name availability can be searched for, purchased, transferred, etc.  

Domain name prices are pretty close, if not already, what they will be since they are automatically updated direct from the Domain Name Registrar.  The registrar I use is ranked #1 or #2 on the web, depending on who you are listening to.  And no, it's not GoDaddy.

The listed hosting plan is a placeholder and will change.