Which Is Better?

Which Is Better?

For the Senate to remove Trump from office  or for The Republican party to hold onto Trump and keep him in office?

I surmise if the Republican Party fails to remove Trump it will destroy the Republican Party!  They will  cease to have any remaining relevancy!

know it when you see it

I always try to take the long term view versus any possible short term gains pain.

As I responded to my Mother, during her lifetime, when she asked if I worried about anything?   Short answer, "I don't worry about anything!"

Me, myself and I know some inevitable truths!

Cream always rises to the top.
Truth wins out in the end.  
What is done in the dark will come to the  light, Etc.

So, don't despair friends!

We know how to win!

This ain't and shouldn't be our damn game anyhow!

nuff said!